When You Hate Yourself

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If there’s one person I often can’t stand-it’s me. How many times have I longed to unzip this skin right down to my toes and leave it lying in a heaping, forgotten pile on the floor. Just shed this failure or that imperfection. When … Continued

An Uncluttered Heart

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It’s always a privilege to be asked to share my heart on another blog. Today I’m at Neither Height nor Depth as a guest, sharing my struggle with a home and heart filled with clutter. I hope you’ll join me! Jelise … Continued

Evil and the Easter Message

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I can’t imagine how the end must have felt. It seems unnatural for there to be such terror before going Home. When one second you’re enjoying the person beside you and the next, you’re screaming out loud before you can consider every person you … Continued

Loss and Friendship: Lessons of Hope after Hope

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*This post was shared last week at www.hopeafterhope.com What do you do when prayer feels like it’s failed? Is there a coming back from the way it makes you feel, the deep abyss so quick to catch us in those darkest … Continued

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